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I love this thread louis vuitton pm

 hereeeeeeee m91805 

this is from the club page.. not me but a really good pic m47544

 m93737 Thanks Coeur...I can't do MM, way too big on me.I have not written off getting a Vernis PM. Just waiting to see the new spring colors.I'm also thinking about holding out for Alma BB, but that could be for a lighter piece, if they ever release it again. I just want an Alma in my collection!  

so pretty, congrats! I want one!!!! louis vuitton tv


Haha - the epi montaigne in Rubis was what sucked me into LV!It *IS* very heavy, even when empty, so I recommend she try the bag on first, if possible. As it's a hand held bag, she would not have the option to carry it on her shoulder either. n60008


My collection is pretty tiny and I still have this problem.Like - if it's sunny, and my clothes match it...cerises speedy. But if I'm carrying my laptop - BH or Delightful. But if it's raining...one of the noes, or the Belem PM. How do you guys decide what to carry? louis vuitton england


m48610 Congrats! Where are the reveal pics?